VCO Daytona 24 Results

The summation of our team and solo practices produced four teams fully prepared to fight for the win in their respective timeslots and splits. Team One would be led by Luke Burtenshaw, Erik Haag and John Sedlak in the Porsche 911 GT3R. Team Two led by Jeremy Stanley, Spencer Torrance, Christopher Courtney and Brian Young in the BMW LMDh. Team Three consisted of David Grantham, Brian Kita, Wyatt Ruggiero, Alex Vecellio, and Chris Waters in the Audi R8 LMS. Team Four would see the LMP2 run by Daniel Doel, Andrew Duncan, Brady Waggoner, and Corey Andon.

Unfortunately, of the four teams, only two would complete the race, with Team One experiencing an unavoidable crash due to network issues, and the LMDh similarly taking terminal damage. The BMW LMDh and Audi R8 made it through the night and rose above the chaotic waves of crashes to come across the finish line with more than 800 laps turned.